Hybrid How-To | DIY Seasonal Banner

Hi everyone, and welcome to another edition of our Hybrid How-To series here on The Digital Press blog! I have a fun project to share with you today that will get your home ready for the summer season. It’s a fun, simple way to decorate for any new season using your digital scrapbooking supplies.

Let’s get started…

For this tutorial, I will be using the latest TDP Designer Collaboration, called Popsicle. It just launched in the shop last week, and it’s perfect for this project!

To begin, I opened up the kit and decided to use one of the banner shapes (see bottom right of the preview, above) as a “template” for my own banner. I pulled it into Photoshop and enlarged it* to 375% so the banner shape was around the same size as a 3×4 pocket card. Enlarging the banner allowed me to use it as template/clipping mask.

*please note that while you wouldn’t normally ever want to enlarge a digital scrapbooking element (because doing so results in a noticeable loss of quality/resolution)… for my purposes, it is OK because I am actually using it as a clipping mask. This means that the end result won’t show the banner image itself; specifically, if you look at the next screenshot, below… you’ll see that the “M” becomes really blurry when I enlarged it. That will be covered up, though, so it will be OK.

The following screenshot shows how big the banner is at 375% (as compared to an 8.5″ x 11″ page)…

Next, you can see how I used the enlarged banner shape as a clipping mask. I chose various papers and journaling cards, and then placed them directly above the banner shape layer in Photoshop. Once the desired paper/card was above the banner layer — I used the “clipping mask” function (CTRL-ALT-G in Photoshop; CTRL-G in PSE) to clip the items to the banner shape. This is what allows the paper/card to take the shape of the banner…

After that, I simply repeated the banner shape until I had enough different patterned shapes to be able to hang up a string of banners on my wall. Here is a look at a couple of the print sheets that I wound up with…

You’ll see that my print sheets included banner shapes in 2 different sizes (I wanted variation for my final product)… and also a few embellishments, which I eventually cut out and added as pop-ups on the banner itself, to add dimension/decoration.

Once I had cut everything out, I used twine (you can also use string, yarn, etc.) to string the pieces together. Here is a close up of my finished banner…

Just a side note — the 2 suns you see, above, are part of a free font (called “Sun and Stars”), and I used the sun shape as a clipping mask with papers from the kit. I clipped an orange paper and pink paper to them, in order to match the rest of the items I printed/cut.

Here’s a view of my final banner, hanging on the wall, along with some other summertime decorations in my house…

Isn’t that fun? I hope this simple banner inspires you to decorate for the season and to try using your digital supplies in a new way!

If you’re feeling inspired and you’d like to give this a try, too, don’t forget that you can earn challenge points at TDP! Come visit the CROSSWORD SECTION in The Digital Press forum, and you’ll find this month’s Hybrid Challenge thread (for each month’s Hybrid Challenge at TDP, you get to choose one of the month’s “Hybrid How-To” tutorial posts from here on the blog and make your own version). You’ll see how fun it is! Give it a shot, and share your final results with us! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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About the Author  Sabrina is an avid documenter of life — herself, her children, her hubby, and her everyday life. There is beauty in the ordinarymoments, and they are what she loves to scrap. She is also always on the hunt for a quiet, peaceful moment… and she usually spends it reading or playing at her crafty desk.

Feature Friday | Dunia Designs

Happy Friday, and thank you for joining me for another edition of our Feature Friday series here at The Digital Press! This week, I have the honor of highlighting the lovely Dunia Acauan of Dunia Designs! This is the fourth time Dunia has been featured here on the blog (if you want to learn even more about her, you can find her feature article from September 2016 HERE… her feature article from April 2017 HERE… and her most recent “Foodie Friday” post from January 2018 HERE).

To learn even more about Dunia, this time around I asked her to share 5 Things We Might Not Already Know About Her… and here’s what she had to say…

  1. I’m from Brazil — We moved to Michigan (USA) in 2016, and we are loving it here — except for the winters! It’s spring currently, and we are enjoying it so very much!
  2. I’m a photographer — It started as a hobby, but it’s turned into my passion. It’s sometimes hard to make time for both businesses (designing and photography), but I love them so much that I can’t imagine my life without both.
  3. I’m a TV series addict — I love everything from “This is Us” to “The Big Bang Theory” to “Game of Thrones” …everything is on my playlist!
  4. I should be healthier — But, I’m definitely not (shame on me)! Coca-cola, chocolate, and pasta make me so happy!
  5. I only listen to rock and roll music — My favorites are the good old ones, such as Led Zeppelin, The Clash, and Pink Floyd.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have a lot in common with Dunia! 🙂

When it comes to Dunia’s design work… you’ll find that her shop is filled with lots of products that boast beautiful colors, fun doodles, unique word art… and items that are perfect for digital layouts, pocket pages (both digital and hybrid), and paper-style layouts. Her templates will make your scrapping life easier and quicker, and who doesn’t want that?! She also has a variety of products that will become staples in your scrapbooking stash — items that will inspire you to create unique projects that showcase your style and your wonderful memories!

Here are a few of my personal favorites from Dunia’s store at The Digital Press

…and if that doesn’t inspire you, then take a peek at these fun projects created with the many products you’ll find in her shop…

Aren’t those layouts gorgeous and fun?!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning more about Dunia today! To aid in our celebration of her upcoming week as our Featured Designer at The Digital Press… her entire shop will be 30% OFF all week long (ending at 11:59pm ET on Thursday 6/14).

Additionally, Dunia has a special Free-with-Purchase offer for everyone this week, as well! Don’t miss this opportunity to stock up on your favorite products in Dunia’s shop while they’re discounted… and you can also grab this fantastic full kit — Cats & Dogs — completely FREE with any $10+ purchase in the Dunia Designs shop (again, this offer will be valid through 11:59pm ET on Thursday 6/14).

Heidi NicoleAbout the author  Heidi Nicole is happily married to an amazing man, is a step-mama to 2 wonderful kiddos, and is a cat mama extraordinaire. She’s a radiation therapist by day and a runner and creator of pretty things by night. She loves her family and friends, coffee, wine, books, Friends reruns, St. Louis Blues hockey, craft beer, good food, cats, Jeeps, and traveling. She lives a normal and happy life, and enjoys all of the absolutely fascinating people she gets to share it with on a daily basis.

Tutorial Tuesday | Editing Colors Individually

Hey everyone, and welcome to another edition of our Tutorial Tuesday series here on The Digital Press blog! Let’s talk about photo editing and color today!

You probably know how to change the colors of your picture globally (and if you don’t, there are some other tutorials on the blog that can give you some simple tips like this one about saturation and contrast, etc.). But sometimes, editing all the colors of a picture at once can lead to an unnatural, “fake” looking photo. To avoid that, you can work on each color individually so that you can edit just the color you want to change, not the whole picture. I will show you how to do so in Lightroom and Photoshop, but I’m confident you will have similar settings available in just about any photo-editing software.

Here’s a look at the picture I will be working on today…

This is the straight out of camera image (SOOC). As you can see, the red rose is very bright and saturated — almost neon — and I would like it to be more natural-looking.

First, I will show you how to do that in Lightroom. Import the image in the software, then open it in the “Develop” module. Then find the HSL/color/B&W panel, which is the one open on the image below, on the right. We will work in the HSL settings. HSL stands for Hue, Saturation and Luminance. In each of those three areas you can edit eight different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple and magenta.

If you’re not sure which color you should be working on, use the little circle (pointed by the arrow in the image below), click on the color you need to edit and move it all the way up and down. You will see one of the colors change drastically, probably one or several other less notably. The main color will be the one that changed the most, that’s the one you need to work on.

For my rose here, I had to work mainly on the color red and a bit on the color magenta (in the inner petals). I edited those two colors in saturation (to change how “strong” the colors are)…

… and in luminance (to change how bright or dark the colors are).

As you can see, the greenery in the background isn’t affected at all by the changes I made in the red and magenta areas.

Let’s move to Photoshop now. You can do something pretty similar using the “hue/saturation” adjustment layer. To use this tool, go to Layer –> New Adjustment Layer –> Hue/Saturation or click on the “new adjustment layer” icon on the bottom of your layers panel. As you can see, unlike the HSL panel in Lightroom where you decide first what setting you’ll work on (hue, saturation or luminance), and then which color you’ll edit, here you will first decid on the color and then on the settings you’ll edit. To do so, you will pick the color in the menu that says “global” by default. You will have 6 colors to pick from: reds, yellows, greens, cyans, blues and magentas.

As in Lightroom, if you’re unsure exactly which color you should be working on, there is a helpful tool. Use the little “hand” (pointed by the arrow below), click on the color you wish to edit and move the hand from left to right. The “global” menu will change for the right color you need to change.

As I did in Lightroom, I changed the reds, editing saturation and luminance…

… and the magentas, where I changed saturation and luminance but also the hue (teinte in French). I did that because I wanted to bring the pinkish inner petals closer to the rest of the flower, which is more red than magenta.

And that’s it! As you can see, it’s not super complicated and it can be very useful for specific images, like making a red dress pop (be careful as skin often has red and yellow in it, so don’t oversaturate your subject’s skin if you don’t want her to look like an alien!) or decreasing the “visual weight” of the bright greenery we often get in Spring, so that your subject will stand out, not the grass he/she’s sitting on!

I hope you’ll find this tutorial helpful, don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comment below or in the forums!

ChloéAbout the author  Chloé is in charge of PR and communication for her small town by day, is a digiscrapper “by night,” and a photographer whenever the light is beautiful. She lives with her man and fur-babies in a small town of Alsace (in the northeast of France), where she loves to read, watch good TV shows (TWD being her absolute favorite), and just hang out with her friends — no matter if they are close by, online, or away in her Swiss hometown. She recently became quite obsessed with Bullet Journaling, FlyLady and Zero Waste.

Feature Friday | KimB Designs

Hello, Happy Friday, and welcome to another edition of our Feature Friday series here on The Digital Press blog! This week, I am thrilled to highlight Kim Broedelet of KimB Designs. Kim and I go way back… to my very first creative team spot (and we both live in sunny South Africa!). This is actually Kim’s fourth feature here on The Digital Press blog (you can find her feature from June 2016 HERE… from February 2017 HERE… and her more recent Foodie Friday post from January 2018 HERE).

In order to give you even more information about Kim, this time around I asked her to share with us 5 Things We Might Not Already Know About Her

  1. I’m the eldest of 3 sisters. I have been very lucky to have worked with my younger sister, Gaye (GS Creations), throughout most of my adult life. Starting from beginner layout artists, graphic designers, and studio managers at an advertising agency (Y & R Hedley Byrne)… right up to now as digital designers. It’s been an amazing privilege to have someone so close — a sister, at that — to share in my career and in something we are both so passionate about.
  2. I love music and have an eclectic collection… from Opera to Deep House. I can even play the old fashioned organ… you know, the type with the pedals and double keyboards? Yup — my Gran had one, and sent Gaye and I for lessons — which we hated at the time, but it did give us a good grounding for reading and playing music.
  3. I can’t go to sleep at night (even after a good party) if I haven’t at least read a page of my latest book (although I might have to re-read it later, LOL). I have to read before bedtime, though! It’s my way of relaxing. I’m a total bookworm — another thing I share with my whole family — and we have a ‘swop and meet’ every time we get together. My bookcase — filled with everything from horror to romance — gets swapped out every time we get together. So there is always something new for someone to read.
  4. I did acrobatics when younger, and loved it! I can still (at my age) put my feet on my head while sitting, and it freaks everyone out when I put my toes in my mouth… or run around doing cartwheels. It’s usually a party trick that comes out after a few glasses too many — LOL.
  5. I love to compete with the men in my life. I play golf, and love to fish against them. It’s great to have that competition in our family, which always brings a special banter and teasing each time we get together to do both. Right now my son Nathan — who has his South African colours for fishing — takes the ‘day’ most times, but I can still give him a go on the golf course thanks to the wonderful handicap system, LOL.

As for Kim’s designs …you’ll definitely want to check out her shop here at TDP. If you love pretty florals, fabulous tone-on-tone patterned papers, and gorgeous dimensional elements with simply the best word art stamps and stickers… then Kim is the designer for you! She has a great assortment of products; from her solo products, to collabs with other designers, to fabulous minis that will have that perfect special something to add the finishing touch to all of your layouts.

Here is a sampling of just some of the gorgeous things you’ll find in Kim’s shop at The Digital Press, just so you can see what I mean…

Additionally, here are some fantastic examples of projects that have been made with her designs, so you can see the versatility of Kim’s kits in action…

Aren’t her designs so much fun to see in action? I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about Kim today! 🙂

While we celebrate her week as our Featured Designer at The Digital Press, her entire shop will be discounted 30% OFF all week long (the sale will end at 11:59pm ET on Thursday 6/7)

Additionally, Kim has a special Free-With-Purchase offer for everyone this week! Don’t miss this opportunity to stock up on your favorite products from KimB Designs… and you can also snag this brand-new (just released today!) full kit — Styling — for FREE with any $10+ purchase in her shop(again, the offer is valid through 11:59pm ET on Thurs 6/7).

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About the author Stefanie is a member of The Digital Press creative team and a stay at home mother of three older children living in Cape Town, South Africa with her hubby of 30 years, two of their three children, and 3 Siamese cats. She loves photography, traveling, and digital scrapbooking — documenting the good and the ordinary everyday.

Tutorial Tuesday | Grunge Text Effects

Hi scrappers! It’s time for another tutorial… and this week I’d like to share my technique in creating a grunge title.  I’ve been all about simplicity lately, and this effect is quick, simple effort for a big effect result. Perfect!

I ran a Warrior Dash race with a friend of mine years ago and we got all kinds of messy! I think it was the mud pit that we had to army crawl through at the end that really did us in.  So for this page, I wanted a grunge title to match.

Here’s what my page ends up looking like.

It’s super easy to do this! To get started, I chose a big chunky font that had plenty of surface area for effects. The font I used here is called Geomanist.  Go ahead and create your text layers, positioning your title where you want it on the page.

Next, we need to convert the text to shapes.  To do this, right click on the layer in the layers panel and choose “Convert To Shape”.  You can also hit Cmd/Ctrl + E.

Before I added the grunge effect, I wanted to give my text the right color and texture.  So I clipped one of the papers in the kit I was using to the text.  Since we need that to be just one layer, I then merged the clipped paper and the text shape by selecting both layers and then right click in the layers panel to choose “Merge Layers”.

Now it’s time to use some brushes. I used two sets of brushes for this effect. First was a set of grunge brushes that I got for free here. The second set, which I’ll use later, are paint splashes, and I got those for free here.  To use these, first make sure that new shape layer (the one that used to be text) is selected. Then go to Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal All to add a layer mask to the shape.  Then using the Brush tool (B) and with your foreground color set to black, choose a grunge brush (like the ones I referenced above) and click over and around the edges of the text shape until you get a texture effect that you’re happy with.  I changed my brush size to about 700 in this example.


Next, I added a new layer just underneath the text layers.  To do this, select the layer just underneath your text shape layers in the layers panel and then choose Layer > New > Layer. This is going to be for my paint splotches that will match the color of the text.

With this new layer selected, I first make sure my foreground color is the same as the text. I used the color picker to match it exactly.  Now I’ll grab my brush again, this time choosing one of the paint splatter brushes that I just added.  I actually used a few different brushes from that same set, and I brushed (just click once, no dragging) some paint splatters behind my text to get something that looks like this:

And finally, I added a tiny bit of beveling to both the text and the paint layers. To do this, I double clicked on the paint layer and checked the Bevel and Emboss checkbox and used the following settings.  I did the same with the text shape layer.

The result is this grunge, paint splattered titled that works really nicely with the theme of my page!  Hopefully you guys will try this out and find it to be super easy to get this cool effect for a title.  Experiment with your brushes – both the brush and the size – until you get it looking just how you want it to.  Have fun!

About the Author  Shannon has been completely addicted to digiscrapping since she began in early 2016 (though she’s been a scrapper since 2000). Her early morning ritual of a few quiet hours of scrapping while sipping a chai tea is her favorite part of each day. She is also the owner of a web design company, and when she’s not at the computer designing websites or digiscrap layouts, she’s probably hiking one of the local mountains in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. She is an avid reader and loves to travel to foreign countries.

Feature Friday | Sherry Ferguson

Hello, and Happy Friday! Time for another edition of our Feature Friday series here on The Digital Press blog… and this week, I’m thrilled to highlight Sherry of Sherry Ferguson Designs. This is not the first time Sherry has been featured here on the blog (find her feature from July 2016 HERE… from February 2017 HERE… and her more recent Foodie Friday post from January 2018 — with the easy bake mac ‘n’ cheese… yum! — HERE).

I wanted to know even more about Sherry, however, so I asked her to share 5 Things We Might Not Already Know About Her

  1. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome — which is a form of connective tissue disease — as well as many other health problems that typically go along with it. It can make life very difficult a lot of the time. I just have to do what I can, when I can… and try to enjoy the little things.
  2. I’ve always loved taking pictures. Even back when it wasn’t cool to do so, I would carry around a camera. I think I have every photo I’ve taken since 3rd grade.
  3. I’ve lived in Texas my entire life and I haven’t left the state since right after my oldest daughter was born almost 17 years ago!
  4. I learned to water ski when I was six years old, but haven’t done so since I was sixteen. It’s definitely on my bucket list to try again if my body will allow!
  5. I’m a technology geek. I love learning about new devices, apps, and software as they come out… and really digging deep into how they work.

As for Sherry’s designs… you’ll definitely want to check out her shop here at TDP. If you love graphic-style papers mixed with elements such as flowers and ribbons, Sherry is definitely the designer for you! I love that she has a good assortment of mini kits in her shop, too, for those times when you’re looking for just one or two items to finish up a layout.

Here is a small sampling of the products you’ll find in Sherry’s shop, so you can see what I mean…

And here are some examples of projects that were made with her products, so you can see the versatility of Sherry’s kits (can you tell which one is actually a hybrid layout?!)…

I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about Sherry Ferguson Designs today! To celebrate her week as our Featured Designer at The Digital Press, her entire shop will be 30% OFF all week long (the sale will end at 11:59pm ET on Thursday 5/31).

Additionally, Sherry has a special Free-with-Purchase offer for everyone this week! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stock up on your favorite products from Sherry Ferguson Designs …and you can also snag this fun kit — Inner Artist — for FREE with any $10+ purchase in her shop! (again, the offer is valid through 11:59pm ET on Thurs 5/31).

About the Author Kat Hansen is a creative team member here at The Digital Press. A Director of Human Resources by day, she loves the opportunity to spend a few hours each evening being creative. Vacation memories feature pretty heavily in Kat’s scrapbooking pages, as well as her health and fitness journey. Kat has quite the sense of humor (she “blames” her father for this), which she incorporates into her journaling and memory-keeping.