Hybrid How-To | Halloween Decor


I love decorating for different seasons and holidays and my absolute favourite is to decorate for halloween. I love everything about Halloween …and today I am going to show you how to make a few fun decor items — Halloween candles and 3D stars.

All digital items I used for these projects can be found in the Fright | Kit by Sahin Designs here at The Digital Press.


First, we’ll do the stars.

I found a PDF template online for the star shape, but the lines were dotted, so I used it to make a PSD template that I could clip each of the papers to. I printed out different sizes using different combinations of papers. You can cut out your stars by hand, or using a digital cutter. Here’s an example of one of my stars before printing…

Once all my stars were cut out, I scored the fold lines. This is done on the back of the star from each tip, through the center to the other side.

Turn your stars over and fold each tip, aligning the other tips with other to get a precise fold. You only crease from the center to the tip, not the other side. Then fold in between the tips with valley folds, as shown here…

Here’s a look at the finished products… stars of all sizes!

Now for the candles.

Print your desired images onto tissue paper [for more detailed instructions on printing on tissue paper, you can refer to one of my previous posts here or Arielle’s post here].

Cut your tissue to size, and use a hairdryer to heat the candle. You will see the tissue “disappear” into the wax. Be careful, your hands may get get hot… just give them a break every now and then and work your way around the candle…

Here’s a look at the candles once the tissue paper image has adhered on/into the wax of the candles…

I also printed the frame from the kit in a few different sizes… and cut them out with my paper cutter (I use a Silhouette) to add on my wall, along with the stars…

And that’s it! So simple! If you give it a try, definitely come post your final product in the gallery (and even join the monthly Hybrid Challenge and earn points toward discounts and free stuff at TDP!).

Happy Halloween!

About the Author  Amanda found digital scrapbooking in 2006, as a paper scrapper who was frustrated with the limitations of paper scrapping products. She now loves to combine paper and digital products and techniques for her pages and projects. She is the wife of a Naval Officer and has two teenage children. She lives in Australia, and has also lived in the U.S and Malaysia and loves that she has had the opportunity to travel the world with her family.

Feature Friday | Mari Koegelenberg


Hello and welcome to a new Feature Friday! Today we are getting to know designer Mari Koegelenberg a little better. Mari is the designer behind Mari Koegelenberg Creations (the name gave that one away, didn’t it?!), where you will find beautiful floral designs right next to cute and whimsical papers — some featuring dogs, cats, cacti, raccoons, donuts, and just about anything else you could wish for! Not only does Mari create digital scrapbooking kits and pocket style scrapping supplies, she also has amazing cutting files and planner kits in her collection of products, as well.

Here are just a few of the brilliant products you will find in her store at The Digital Press:

To get to know Mari a little better, we asked her a few questions…

Where do you live?
The Central Coast of California

When you’re not designing, what do you do with your time?
Planning and decorating… I just bought a house with a separate office! Pinterest is my bestest friend.

What are 5 tidbits of trivia we might not know about you?
LOL! I have been doing this for so long and this question always comes up, so at this point there probably aren’t 5 things people don’t know about me yet… but if this is your fist time learning about me, then let’s go with these…
—I am double-jointed and can do a weird pop thing with my thumb.
—My eyes are 2 different colors.
—I would never, ever wear yellow BUT I love using it in kits!
—When I grow up, I want to be a monster truck driver.
—When I laugh (which happens a lot) I do a pig snort which usually just leads to more uncontrollable laughter… which means I am NOT a good person to sneak around with being quiet, it just isn’t possible!

Which of your products is your favorite?
Smart Cat and Plan With Me


And now, here are a selection of pages and projects made with Mari’s gorgeous products:


So there you have it, a little insider information about Mari Koegelenberg, and a peek at some of her gorgeous digital goodies! If you still need any more of a nudge to go and check out her store, then you are in luck — because Mari’s store will be 30% OFF throughout all of this week, so this is the perfect moment to browse all her products, and grab yourself a bargain (the sale will end on Thursday 10/20 at 11:59pm ET). Happy Scrapping!

CorrinAbout the Author  Corrin is on the creative team here at The Digital Press. She is a fan of the Big Bang Theory and a lover of cozy pajamas. She lives in the currently-sunny but breezy South of England with her husband and 4 crazy kids, who regularly discover & plunder her secret chocolate stashes! She is still trying to get the house straight after moving 2 years ago. Who knows… maybe this will be the year she reaches the bottom of the laundry pile!

Tutorial Tuesday | Create Your Own Postage Stamp Frame



I love the look of postage stamps on a scrapbook page. They add a nice little touch of interest to a page. Papers look great when they’re clipped to postage stamp shapes, but what I really love is the look of photos inside a postage stamp frames. You can get some great postage stamp frames in digi kits, but you can also easily create them on your own in just a few quick steps while you’re scrapping a page. Let me show you how.


When I create a postage stamp frame I usually create it right on my page as I’m creating it, but for ease of instruction I’m going to show you on a blank canvas. My instructions are for Photoshop CS6 but you can use the same basic instructions in Photoshop Elements and other versions of Photoshop as well.


1. Create a blank 5″ x 5″ canvas.


I’m going to create a 4 inch x 4 inch frame so I’m going to create it on a 5″ x 5″ canvas. (Again, you can easily create your frame directly on your scrapbook page as well.) Here’s how to create a 5″x5″ canvas:


File > New > Width: 5 inches, Height: 5 inches, Resolution: 300 pixels/inch


2. Create a new blank layer.


You can create a new blank layer several different ways. You can click on the Create a New Layer icon in the layers panel (it looks like a folded piece of paper) OR you can select Layer > New > Layer  OR you can press CMD+SHIFT+N and press OK.


3. Create the shape you want to turn into a postage stamp.


With the new layer active in the layers panel, use the Rectangular Marquee tool (hotkey M) and click and drag to create your shape. I’m going to create a square about 4″ x 4″, but you can create a rectangle as well. NOTE: If after you click and drag to create your shape you press the SHIFT key, you will get a perfect square.



4. Fill your shape with a color.


Since I’m working on a blank white canvas I’m going to fill my shape with a color. I like to fill my shape using the Paint Bucket tool (hotkey G). With the Paint Bucket tool active, simply click inside the marching ants of the shape you created in Step 3 and your shape will be filled with whatever color is in your foreground color picker.



5. Create the postage stamp edge.


Now comes the fun part – creating the postage stamp edge. Using the Eraser tool (hotkey E), choose a hard round brush. (Do not use a soft round brush.) For my example I used a 60 pixel hard round brush. You will also need to adjust the spacing of the brush in order for this to work. Click on the Brush Panel icon (it’s next to the brush size and looks like a file folder with paint brushes). Adjust your spacing to about 150%. As you change the spacing you can see the effect it will have in the brush tool.



Now that you’ve set your Eraser Brush settings, line the center of your brush shape up with one of the corner edges of the square shape that is going to become the postage stamp. I like to center the dot of the Eraser Brush right on the edge of the shape. (NOTE, as long as your Caps Lock is OFF you should be able to see the outline of your brush shape.) I like to start at the left and work around the square.


While holding down the Shift key (which will keep the line straight), click at the start and then again at the end of the top edge of your shape. The Eraser Brush will have erased a straight line of circles from your shape giving you a postage stamp effect on the first side of your shape.  Release the Shift key and your mouse and then do the same thing on the other sides of your shape. Continue until you’ve done the same to all four sides.



At this point you can mask a photo or a paper to this shape. You can also cut out the center and make it a frame.


6. Create the frame.


To create the frame effect you will want to cut out the center of the postage stamp shape you just created. With the postage stamp shape layer active in the layer panel, simply use the Rectangular Marquee tool (hotkey M) and click and drag to create a square over your newly created shape. When you’re happy with the area you want to cut out, simply press the Delete key.



NOTE: If you do not want to erase away part of your postage stamp shape, you can also create a new layer above the postage stamp shape and, using the Rectangular Marquee tool, create a new shape layer ABOVE your postage stamp shape (be sure to use a contrasting color so you can see the shape you added) and you can clip your photo to the new shape.


7. Embellish your new Postage Stamp Frame!


Voila! You’re done! You’ve created a quick postage stamp frame. Now you can embellish the heck out of it. here are some ideas:

  • Add a drop shadow to your frame
  • Clip a textured paper to the frame
  • Clip some paints, etc. to the frame
  • The possibilities are endless!


NOTE: I used River Rose Designs’ Sunday Morning kit to embellish my frame.


So what do you think? Did you know that you could create a postage stamp frame on your scrapbook pages so quickly?  Give these steps a try and please let us know if you’ve got any questions.



BarbaraAbout the Author |   Barbara is a member of the creative team here at The Digital Press. She lives in Minnesota, is married and has two awesome kids (a 19 year old boy and a 17 year old girl) as well as an adorable 10 year old Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier. In her free time she loves to take photos and play around in Photoshop. Life is good!

Feature Friday | Karla Noél

Happy Feature Friday! This week, we’re excited to help you get to know our very own Karla Noél (formerly Dudley) a little bit better! Karla has a love of art, design, and family. She enjoys spreading her love of design and scrapbooking to all. Her design style is uniquely her own — filled with artsy, hand-drawn patterns and elements… eclectic colors… and fun handwritten word art.

This is just a small sampling of the inspiring product offerings you’ll find in her store here at The Digital Press


And now, let’s get to know Karla a little better! We asked her to answer a few questions so we could learn more about her…

Where do you live?
live in Downtown San Diego.

When you’re not designing, what do you do with your time?
I’m working and crocheting… or is it crocheting and working… 😉

What are 5 tidbits of trivia we might not know about you?
—I can do backflips.
—I’m together and in love with my first love.
—I prefer my eggs burnt (and pretty much all of my food that way, actually).
—I know my fonts!
—I lost over 100 pounds in one year.

Which of your products is your favorite?
Hmm… in the store right now, I think it would have to be the Epic.ness collection. It’s fresh and fun and timeless…


Here is a look at some of my favorite projects using Karla’s designs…

If you haven’t already browsed through Karla’s shop here at The Digital Press… definitely check it out HERE! You will want to take a peek this week, for sure, because her entire shop will be 30% OFF through the end of next Thursday (sale will end at 11:59pm ET on Thurs 10/13)!


About the Author  Lindy Krickbaum is a member of the creative team at the Digital Press. She is a happily-married wife, and best friend to her twin sister. She currently lives in Johnson City, Tennessee in the United States. Lindy is a self-admitted scrap-a-holic, rarely missing a day to scrap. She also enjoys designing jewelry, reading, and traveling every chance she gets.

Tutorial Tuesday | Blending Text

Hi there, scrappers!

My tutorial for you today is all about making your text look more realistic. When you write or type on real paper, what you see is a mixture of the ink and the texture and material of the paper. But, when we add a type layer on top of a digital paper, we don’t automatically get the same result. I’ll show you a couple quick steps that you can follow in order to make digital text look more like it is written on the paper instead of floating on top.

  • First, type your text as you would like it to appear on your layout
  • Right click on your type layer and choose Blending Options (or, you can also click the little ‘fx’ button at the bottom of your layer palette)

  • When the Layer Style menu opens up, you will see two sliders. You want the bottom one, Underlying Layer
  • Grab the left side of the bar and drag it to the right until the text starts to disappear
  • Hold down the Option key and click on the little carrot you just dragged to the right so that it splits into two little arrows

  • Drag the left of the two new arrows to the left until you like the way the text looks

  • Tweak it as much as you like until your text looks just right!


Here is a look at the original text… and the blended text… so you can see the difference!


Isn’t that great? I hope you’ll give this technique a try. I find that it really gives that extra realistic look to my digital layouts.

KatieAbout the Author  Katie is a member of the creative team here at The Digital Press. She lives in Central Florida with her husband and their four sweet but crazy boys. When she’s not dodging Nerf bullets or trying to dig out from under the never-ending pile of laundry, she enjoys photography, cooking, going to Disney World with her family, and, of course, digital scrapbooking.

October 2016 at The Digital Press | Transform


Well folks, we’ve just wrapped up our big Digital Scrapbooking Day (DSD) celebration this past weekend here at The Digital Press… and now with the start of a new week — its time to really dive into the month of October and all that it will be bringing our way!

For the month of October 2016, we will be focusing on a new Word of the Month… TRANSFORM. It’s a simple word, but one that that conveys so much possibility and carries so many different meanings — especially this time of year. There’s the view of “transformation” with regard to the changing of the seasons; here in the United States, one of the most documented and noticeable season changes is that of summer-to-fall. The colors become so vibrant, and the weather is so noticeably different, and it’s so easy to document the changes that you can see — visually — all around you. There’s also the view of “transformation” with regard to holidays we tend to celebrate in the month of October (such as Halloween!), in which people transform themselves into something different through use of costumes. And then, finally, there’s the view of “transformation” with regard to changes we make within ourselves… transforming ourselves through constant work and self-improvement and self-assessment.

Here’s a look at just a few visual representations of this idea of transformation, with regard to our Word of the Month — TRANSFORM


image credits [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


Looking for ways to incorporate this idea of TRANSFORM into your scrapping and crafting this month? Come join us at TDP! We’re jumping into another month of our popular Challenge System for October, and there are so many fun new things in store for you throughout the upcoming month — including a challenge that specifically calls upon our new word of the month — TRANSFORM. 🙂

We have 9 new challenges waiting for you in THE CROSSWORD SECTION — a.k.a. our forum’s challenge section — a fun play on words that we love because (a) #WeAreNerdyThatWay, (b) our challenges have always been loosely connected to our Word of the Month at TDP (get it? “crossword” haha)… and (c) it fits nicely into TDP’s news/press theme.

Here’s a peek at the challenges you’ll find throughout October 2016…



Get more information about our monthly challenge system HERE.

Meanwhile, make sure you check out our newest TDP collaborative collection, Family Game Night, which launched this past weekend in the shop. It’s only been available for 3 days now but already is one of our most popular-ever designer collaboration collections here at TDP (and it’s easy to see why)! With 45 papers, 96 elements, 9+ pocket cards, 3 matching themed mini-kits, layered templates, cutting files, and more… it’s a must-have for scrapping your family’s game night memories, creating fantastic party decorations, and more!



As always, you’ll be able to grab this monthly designer collaboration collection for just $4 for the first 4 days of the month (after which time it goes back to regular price… so grab it while the 4-for-$4 deal is on!).

Come check it all out! We look forward to spending October with you at The Digital Press.

Laura Passage

About the Author  Laura Passage is the owner of The Digital Press, and also the designer behind Wishing Well Creations by Laura Passage (WWC). She works now as a graphic designer in both the digital and paper scrapbooking industries, but previously spent over a decade working as a college soccer coach. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two young sons (affectionately referred to as The Tiny Terrorists), and will rationalize eating coffee ice cream for breakfast to anyone who questions it.