August Blog Break

This is just a quick note to remind everyone that The Digital Press, in keeping with previous years’ tradition, is taking a short blogging break during the month of August!

In the meantime, if you find yourself missing our Tutorial Tuesday series between now and September… come take a peek at our archived tutorial¬†posts, and give one of the techniques a try!

If you love learning about our designers and getting a peek into their lives… you can check out the archived designer feature posts.

If you love printing our products and making pretty physical projects, but need a little extra mojo… delve into our archived Hybrid How-To posts and get your creative juices flowing!

And finally, if you are looking for something non-scrapbooking-related and you love food… come take a look at our archived Foodie Friday posts (including our Summer Camp Mess Hall features!).

We’ll see you again in September…

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