Accomplish More | Bullet Journaling & Pretty Pages

Accomplish More - Bullet Journaling & Pretty Pages


We all need more time in life to do the things we really want to do, and not all of us are stellar at organizing our time.

Enter the recent “planner craze” that is sweeping the planet. I’m sure you’ve all seen zillions of pretty planners all over the internet.

I love the idea of all of the pretty planners that are out there along with subscriptions, clubs, and Facebook groups. In fact, The Digital Press has a wonderful array of planning supplies in the store here. Among them, you’ll find such gems as Miss Tiina’s great annual line of planner supplies… Mari Koegelenberg’s gorgeous planner-specific goodies… Hat of Bunny’s planner printables… Laura Passage’s scrapping planner products… and more!

I’ve bought planners, downloaded some others, and played around with a lot of different planning ideas. Unfortunately, so far none of them have worked well for me. And then… I stumbled across the idea of a bullet journal. To me, a dated planner just doesn’t fit my needs because I don’t have that many things going on in a given month that I need to track. For me, it is all about lists and keeping ideas & projects from falling through the cracks.

The basic idea of the bullet journal is to keep a small notebook in which you can maintain a regular stream of tasks and lists. You can find out more about bullet journaling at the bullet journal site, and there are literally thousands of links on Pinterest. But it is a generally simple method of using an index — “collections” — that are sort of over-arching categories… and then “rapid-logging” your ideas/thoughts — which is where the bullets come into play. Under categories you create your logs, lists, charts, graphs or other items. Then, as a final step, you simply migrate those tasks into action by moving them to a calendar. To me, it is a far simpler method of tracking and planning. You don’t spend so much time on the planner itself — and instead, spend more on completing the tasks themselves. I don’t end up migrating because I keep things pretty simple, and that is how it works for me.

There are a lot of people who are hard-core serious about their bullet journals (or bujo) and some dedicate hours upon hours to their journals, hand-drawing lots of fancy dividers, headers, sketches and everything else you can imagine. People use fountain pens or other fancy writing instruments, do calligraphy or other elaborate writing, etc. I love that idea, but have no time or patience to do something like that.

In terms of the more elaborate style of bullet journaling… here is a sample page spread from Kara at Boho Berry (someone I follow who is also a fellow bullet journaler)…

Accomplish More - Bullet Journaling & Pretty Pages
I love this. But at the same time, for myself, I feel that if I spent that much time “planning,” I wouldn’t have time for the actual “doing.”

But I do find that I want pretty pages like these (which our very own TDP team member Amanda created in a previous blog post).

Recently, it dawned on me that I can just use regular ol’ digital scrap supplies and create my own “pretty” bullet lists with those. Pretty and practical all at once. I am not as detailed or prettified as I could be, but it is a quick and easy page that gets me doing instead of planning. And if I want to get wild and crazy, I can shift it slightly, print it out and paste it into my physical bullet journal. If not, I can keep it on my desktop, send it to Evernote, or put it onto my phone.


See… easy peasy. A simple way to get my to-do list done — and add some color and fun while I’m at it. I used the pie chart as my version of the “Level 10 Life” (but because I’m not currently working or dealing with much in the way of finances, I left those out and added some of my own). I can track and see what needs adjusting and where I should put more emphasis week to week. I can accomplish more, but still give a little bit of style and prettiness. Win-win!

How do you plan out your week? Do you worry about making it “pretty” or just stick to functional? I invite you to come join us in TDP’s forum for this week’s challenge related to this post!



About the Author  Kimberlee is a lover not a fighter; a stay-at-home gran, a poet, and a lifelong learner. She grooves on saturated colors, Tuesday dance parties, optimism, glitter and sunshine. She colors outside the lines.  She is a dreamer. She is a collector of moments.  She is all about the story.  Kimberlee completed her MFA in Creative Writing and recently finished her M.Ed. in Instructional Design but still can’t figure out what she wants to be when she ‘grows up.’

Set your Goals for the Rest of the Year

Set your Goals for the Rest of the Year


Hey you fellow scrap challenge aces out there! Are you ready to be inspired? With the new word for September “forward”, I thought it would be great to look back on what we achieved this year and more so make plans for the coming last four months.
Did you make any resolutions for 2015? I did and when I look at them I think it might be the first year I actually followed through most of them! Way to go! *insert self backslap*
There is one compartment though, where I struggle and that is the gym and fitness part. If I want to make it happen this year, I have to rush to not get into a rush. Goal set! Now how do I really make it happen?
My biggest obstacle is that I might have things in my head but they just vanish in the everyday craziness. To overcome this hurdle I decided to make a dedicated planner for this cause. I have several planners and apart from one planner to keep up with the daily to do’s, I use them mostly for my personal projects. Mari Koegelenberg came up with this sweet planner prep in her Plan with Me collection and this is what I made of it.



I also made a double pager to fitting into the planner about my goal and how I want to achieve it.




When you think about the coming months, what is it that you want to achieve? What will your biggest obstacles be? What will you do to overcome them to reach your goal?

Hop on over to the challenge forum and let us know! You know that once the goal is written on (virtual) paper and out in the open, there is no turning back. You can do it!


AlinaAbout the Author: Alina enjoys sitting in front of her large computer screens too much. Apart from that she loves walking her dog and watching sunsets while being amazed of life in general. She is married to her best friend. Tries to manage the needs of her two cats and her dog and badly fails when they all want their cuddle time at once. Everything else is scrapping, taking photos and currently crafting. Having said that, she needs a bigger craft room.



Summer Planner Pages: Hybrid Style

Summer Planning: Hybrid Style

Real life happens! Work, children, school, sports, scouts, doctor appointments, volunteer duties, house work…oh the list goes on and on! My real life has been crazy busy and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Which is not exactly great for someone like me who can barely remember what day it is, let alone where I’m supposed to be! I’ve tried organizing myself using a calendar app on my phone, but that requires me having the time to type on that tiny little keypad and hit the right buttons to save my entry (um, fail times 100). I’ve also tried using scraps of paper to quickly jot down appointments but, while this is easy, I’ve lost the slips of papers too many times to count! So, a year or so ago, after being fed up of living such a scatterbrained life (I’m truly responsible – really!), I went the agenda/planner route.

I used to use one years ago and was on top of things so I figured it was time to give it a go again. But with 4 kids and a busy life, the days get filled up super fast. This is my past month – I can barely read where I am supposed to be and when!

Summer Planning: Hybrid Style

Luckily, the daily pages work out well, but I still like to see the overview of each month. Unfortunately, life gets pulled in so many directions, that the things that I really want to do, get forgotten about. So this summer, I’ve decided that I want to use the planner to really get myself organized and find some smooth sailing.

Wishing Well Creations by Laura Passage and Amanda Yi Designs have products are perfect for this! Laura’s Summer Bucket List Printable Planner pages will supplement my usual calendar pages and let me plan out the special activities that I want to do this summer (I LOVE making lists! And now they will be in my planner and not lost in a bag somewhere!). I’m also using them to plan meals (what a novel idea…no more last minute desperate phone calls to take out places) and organize my thoughts. Amanda’s Summer Bucket Stickers help highlight important dates and just look cute.

Summer Planning: Hybrid Style

Here is what I did:

I used Laura’s Summer Bucket List Printable Planner pages which easily and perfectly sized down to fit my smaller binder. I printed them double-sided on cardstock so that they will hold up and ink won’t bleed through. A simple trimming and hole punch, plus a bit of corner rounding, and they are good to go!

To use Amanda’s Summer Bucket List Stickers, I created a file sheet in Photoshop with the stickers I wanted to use. I imported the sheet into my Silhouette software, traced the cutting edges with the trace function, set the registration marks, and sent it to my printer. I used sticker paper for this.After it printed, I then loaded it into my Silhouette Cameo, and after a few registration fails (oh real life you can be bothersome! Haha), it fed through properly and cut out the elements exactly as planned.

Summer Planning: Hybrid Style



Summer Planning: Hybrid Style
Summer Planning: Hybrid Styleer-6

Now life should be organized, smooth sailing, and stress free! One can dream, right? 🙂


LoriAbout the Author: Lori Pereyra is a member of the Creative Team here at The Digital Press. She is a stay at home mom to 4 children and loves capturing life…the good, the not so good, & the perfectly imperfect… and documents it all through photos, paper & pixels. She feels this is modern scrapbooking at it’s best!