Get Your Photos Off Your Camera

Get Photos Off Camera





A few months ago, I wrote a post about taking pictures to help you document your everyday. This month, I’d like to discuss getting those photos off your cameras and phones and onto your computers in an organized way so they can be scrapped in a timely manner. I have found that automating this process as much as possible has helped me keep my camera’s SD card as well as my Camera Roll on my phone clean so that I never run out of space on either. Here is my process:


Phone Photos

Like most of you, I use my phone to take a lot of photos. I use an app called Carousel by Dropbox to organize and back up my phone photos. When you take a picture, it automatically backs it up to Dropbox if you have that option set up. I have mine set to back it up when I am connected to WiFi so that it doesn’t use my cellular data. Therefore, when I am home, I just open up my Carousel app and it automatically starts backing up any photos on my camera roll.



Get Photos Off Camera 2

The beauty of Carousel is that it will also alert you when your storage is low on your device. This way, you will never get a message telling you can’t take another photo because you have too many old ones stored on your phone. I don’t typically wait that long. When I think of it, I tap the ellipses at the bottom of the app, go to settings and select Free Up iPhone Space. Then, Carousel will tell me how much space it can free up by removing my photos that are safely stored in Dropbox from my Camera Roll:




Wait. It gets better. Dropbox can get expensive so I don’t use it to store backups of all my photos. So, I need to get my photos out of my Dropbox folder and onto my computer. Enter Lightroom.


Lightroom works with Carousel by way of its Auto Import feature. Anytime a photo is uploaded to a watched folder, Lightroom will automatically import it into its catalog whenever Lightroom is launched and it will move it wherever you tell it. It’s pretty easy to set up. First, you need to enable Auto Import:


Choose File > Auto Import > Enable Auto Import


Next, you need to specify the settings:


Choose File > Auto Import > Auto Import Settings


In the Auto Import Settings, you will specify the name of the Watched Folder. This folder must not contain any subfolders. In the case of Carousel, the Watched Folder would be the Camera Uploads folder within your Dropbox folder. Next, specify the Destination where you want the photos moved. I move mine to a folder on my hard drive called Auto Imported Photos. Next, you can choose a File Naming option which will rename all of your imported photos. (I don’t do this.) And finally, in the Information section, you can choose to apply Develop Settings, add Metadata and/or Keywords. I apply the Auto Tone develop setting upon import which applies automatic corrections for Exposure, Blacks, Brightness, and Contrast:


Auto Import Settings


While a lot of what I said may sound overwhelming, let me stress that that is a one time set up. To be clear, my process for uploading my phone photos to Lightroom with color corrections is as follows:


Open Carousel.


That’s it. All I have to do is open the Carousel app and everything else is automatic!


Now, onto my process for downloading my dSLR photos. Unfortunately, my process for that is not as easy, but it can be.


dSLR Photos

I choose to tether my camera to my computer to download photos. My reason is this:  I feel there is less probability for damaging or losing my SD card if I don’t take it out of my camera. I keep my camera and cord by my laptop, so it is not really a big deal. I just connect the wire, connect my EHD (because that is where I store my photos), open Lightroom and press the Import button.


Along the right hand side, a number of panels open up: File Handling, File Renaming, Apply During Import and Destination.


Under File Handling, I check the box “Don’t Import Suspected Duplicates.”


File Handling


I don’t do anything under Rename my files, however, this is where you could choose to rename all your files by date or event name. I just don’t do that.


Under Apply During Import, I choose the Develop Setting Auto Tone which can be found under the Lightroom General Presets. As I stated earlier, this automatically corrects the Exposure, Blacks,  Brightness, and Contrast.


Develop Settings


Finally, under Destination, I choose to organize them By Date using the Year/Month format. Then, I select my External Hard Drive and navigate to my Pictures folder. There Lightroom will automatically copy my photos from my camera to my EHD and store them in a yearly folder which is then separated again by month.




Once my photos are in Lightroom, there are a number of ways they can be organized to make scrapping them a breeze. I will talk about this in another blog post. However, I did want to share with you how some others on our team get their photos off their computer.


Sabrina says: I use an app called PhotoSync and it transfers the photos wirelessly. I also have downloaded the application my computer so it can do the transfer. Super easy!! You can get it for iPhone or Android.


Jamie says: If you’re working with everything Apple (Mac and iPhone), Airdrop is a great feature to get pictures from your phone (or anyone else also on an iPhone) to your computer. That’s what I usually use to get pics from my phone to computer, then I import them into Lightroom at that point. When getting them off my DSLR, I just put the SD card in my computer, and import through LR. (Note: If you are working with an older Mac computer or iPhone, Airdrop may not be compatible.)


Juliette says: My compact camera automatically files my photos by date on my Mac (over wifi from anywhere in the world provided the Mac is turned on) when I press a button on the camera. It’s a Samsung WB800F; it’s absolutely brilliant!


Kathryn says: I use Google Photos auto sync to back up my phone photos. It’s a really easy process for Android users as it’s built in and the backup is free. I do also have an Eyefi SD card to do wireless transfer from my dSLR.


So, as you can see, there are a number of ways to get your photos off your camera pretty easily, so they are ready and waiting for you to scrap them. So, how about you, what’s your process?



Jen Flaherty

About the Author: Jen is a member of the Pocket Team at The Digital Press. Having scrapped digitally for many years, she has come to embrace the simplicity of Pocket Scrapping since it fits more easily into her busy lifestyle of shuttling her three children from field to field. When she is not on the computer, you will find her working out or really doing anything else she can besides cooking, cleaning and doing laundry.

More Easy Ways to Upload to Instagram

Hey digi- and hybrid scrappers! I hope you are ready for a tutorial about how to get your layouts on instagram easily and in the blink of an eye. Because if you’re like me, you want your layouts to be seen. The more, the better.

When I began uploading my layouts to Instagram, I thought it’s complicated and extra work. Now that I played a little and found ways, it’s actually not that much more work and it’s even saving me some time on other tasks. What I love most though is the fact that I can be anywhere and use my phone to upload to Instagram and in the same step to facebook. I can be on the couch while watching tv, while I’m waiting in line at a store, while I’m having a little downtime… you get the picture.


More Easy Ways to Upload to Instagram


Why would you want to upload your layouts to Instagram anyway? For me in the beginning it was just another way of giving my designers additional airtime. I uploaded my layouts to spread the love a little more. Over the months it has become an inspiration board, informational tool, documentary of my own life and much more. The community at Instagram is a little different from facebook. It’s closer and more „intimate“. I get a lot more views and likes. I happily like the posts of the people that I’m following, too. It’s really a loving place.

How do you get your layouts up to Instagram in a whim? I know of three different app uploads. It depends on your choice of online tool. Do you use flickr, photobucket or dropbox to upload your layouts to show them to your creative teams, family or friends? Do you use facebook for doing that? Then it’s even easier to get your sweet stuff on Instagram and at the same time on facebook. Once you did it a few times, it’s a breeze.

All the phone screenshots you see here are taken from my S4. Although I’m not 100% sure if this works on apple devices as well, it might just be the same process. As far as I know, the windows machines have instagram beta running currently. I tested it and I couldn’t upload from other apps than the standard windows photo gallery. Sorry!

To use this tutorial easily, you have to have Instagram installed on your phone and know how to upload pictures from your phone’s gallery to Instagram. You have to be logged in to the app.

First and foremost, you use your own picture cloud service. I use flickr and dropbox and have used photobucket in the past. All three are available as an app for android and apple devices.

When you want to upload to Instagram, you have to get the coordinating app for your service first. Install the app, log in to your account.

Because I know lots of you use photobucket, I will get you through the uploading process from there first. The photobucket app is called Photobucket Share Print Photos.

  1. On your computer: upload your layout to photobucket like you usually do.
  2. On your phone: open photobucket, access your uploaded layout (via „your library“)
  3. Tap on the „share“ button, that looks like three connected dots in a half triangle.
  4. Search for Instagram, tap on the icon
  5. The usual Instagram dialogue runs now (crop, edit) and you can insert your text before you post it.


More Ways to Upload to Instagram

Upload via Photobucket

There is no need to download your layout to your phone first. You can directly upload from your cloud service to Instagram.

  1. The upload process from flickr is the same, only that you use the flickr app.
  2. To access your earlier uploads, tap on the portrait icon in the top line, then access your layout (left screenshot).
  3. Then tap on the share icon/the connected dots (middle screenshot)
  4. and if Instagram doesn’t show up, tap on “more” (right screenshot).


More Ways to Upload to Instagram

Upload via Flickr

From dropbox I can’t use the share button.

  1. I have to tap on the three dots in a row “More” on the right (left screenshot)
  2. and tap on „Export“ (middle screenshot)
  3. and on the Instagram icon (right screenshot) to start the upload to Instagram.


More Ways to Upload to Instagram

Upload via Dropbox

So far, so good. If you want to make your upload even more efficient, you might want to share your layout on various other social media. On my phone I can share to facebook, twitter, tumblr and flickr. You can do that on the same page in Instagram, that you type your text in before you post. Your device might ask you to log in to the service if you didn’t do it before.


More Easy Ways to Upload to Instagram

Sharing to other social media from Instagram

When you share to facebook, your layout appears with your full text from Instagram on your timeline and you can share it to any facebook group or friends. I show you how.

  • Search for the posting you made via Instagram on your timeline (left screenshot)
  • Be sure first, that the setting for the posting is public, otherwise your picture might not be visible.  To check the privacy settings tap on the tiny light gray downward arrow on the upper right of the post (left screenshot), tap on “Edit Privacy” (middle screenshot) and set it to “Public” (right screenshot). If it has been on public the first time, it will most probably always be.
  • Tap on “Share” (left picture, low right)


More Ways to Upload to Instagram

Check the privacy setting of your post in facebook.

  • Left screenshot: In the low line on the right you see the earth icon on the right. This shows, that it’s a public post. Tap on “on your own timeline” (down left)
  • Set it to “In a group” (middle screenshot)
  • Choose your group or type in the group you want to share your layout to (right screenshot).
  • In the next dialog you can share it directly as it is or you can also add more text if you want to (not shown here).


More Ways to Upload to Instagram

Share your facebook post on facebook groups.

In case you want to add more info like product links on facebook along with your layout, I’d recommend doing this step (the sharing in groups) on your computer as it’s not that easy to get your links into your post on the phone.

Some more info on hashtags.

  1. Use hashtags. If you want your layout or picture to be seen, use them. For instance every time I upload a layout with my dog in it, I use #dogs and #dogsofinstagram and #dogsofig. I get a lot of likes from people who would usually not see my layout. People who don’t even know scrapbooking! The more views you get, the more people will follow you. Don’t be shy on hashtags. Think of words that fit your layout in any way and type them in. My phone shows me how often the hashtag has been used on Instagram in the past when I have typed it in. This helps you in deciding if you want to use it or not.
  2. Once you typed a hashtag in, your phone remembers it. You won’t have to type it in again and again. My phone even remembers series of hashtags I used and I just have to tap on them, to make them appear in my text.
  3. Recommended general hashtags for your layouts: #digiscrap #digitalscrapbooking #digiscrapbooking #scrapbook #scrapbooking #pocketscrapbooking #hybridscrap #hybridscrapbook
    Of course you don’t have to use all of them, but if you want to, you can! There are many more. I learned a lot by looking at other Instagram peeps and watching what hashtags they use.
  4. Recommended hashtags for your The Digital Press layouts: #thedigitalpressco #TDPinspire and the hashtags of the designer, whose product you used, if you want to.
  5. Please mention us with @thedigitalpressco when you upload your The Digital Press layouts, so that we can like your layout and time and time again we might regram (repost/share) your layouts on our own instagram account. Wouldn’t that be great? When you set your Instagram account to private, we usually can’t regram your posts. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I hope this has been helpful and you are full of motivation to try new things out! We hope to see you on Instagram! Follow us @thedigitalpressco . Please remember …co at the end! This is the real one.



AlinaAbout the Author: Alina enjoys sitting in front of her large computer screens too much. Apart from that she loves walking her dog and watching sunsets while being amazed of life in general. She is married to her best friend. Tries to manage the needs of her two cats and her dog and badly fails when they all want their cuddle time at once. Everything else is scrapping, taking photos and currently crafting. Having said that, she needs a bigger craft room.