Create a Valentine’s Day Printable

Valentine’s Day Printable


I am a hopeless romantic, and just love Valentine’s Day. Today, I am here to show you how to create a simple Valentine’s Day printable using word art and digital elements from The Digital Press. You can print and frame for a piece of artwork… or make a card to send to a loved one.


Valentine's Day Printable

Step 1. Gather a collection of Digital Supplies that includes any word art and elements you would like to use. For my printable, I used l’Amore by Little Lamm & Co., Be Mine by Mari Koegelenberg & Danielle Engebretson, and the TDP mini kit Cherished.

Step 2. Create a new 8×10 canvas in your photo-editing program (it should be 300dpi for print-resolution). Place your words on your layout until you have them arranged in the desired position.

Step 3. You can add color to some of the words, or clip digital papers to items you’ve chosen. You can even add drop shadows to a few of your words to add dimension.

Step 4. If desired, add a few digital elements to embellish your word art (you can see that mine uses hearts, arrows, etc.).

Step 5. Print it out onto paper and frame at 8×10 to show off your new lovely artwork.

Valentine’s Day Printable

Step 6. If you would also like to create a greeting card using your printable, simply re-size it to 5×7 and then print, seal with a kiss, and send to your loved one.

Valentine’s Day Printable


Cute, isn’t it? And so easy!

Hopefully this tutorial helps you think of ideas for repurposing your digital products and creating your own home printables and cards.



About the Author  Lindy Krickbaum is a member of the creative team at the Digital Press. She is a happily-married wife, and best friend to her twin sister. She currently lives in Johnson City, Tennessee in the United States. Lindy is a self-admitted scrap-a-holic, rarely missing a day to scrap. She also enjoys designing jewelry, reading, and traveling every chance she gets.


Be REAL, Be Brave, Be Honest


This month we are focusing on the word: Real

Thinking about this word, I was drawn to how powerful it can be.  To me, it means honesty, bravery, truth – really diving in to topics and seeing what comes out of you.  Personally, I myself need to be a bit more real and brave with myself and step out from behind the lens and be in my own stories I am sharing, not just sharing those of my children and family.  What about you?

Searching for inspiration on Pinterest, I came across several quotes that inspired:


Sources (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

As you can see, the word Real can be used in many different ways.  What really jumped out at me is to really open your eyes and be brave and focused in your storytelling, photography, etc.  As you think of this word, please think about what it could mean to you – how it can stretch your own thoughts and feelings both personally and creatively.

Each month, we like to encourage you to step out of the box at times with our challenges.  Below are the list of upcoming challenges for the month that focus on Real. For more information about our challenge system please read this post in our forums.


This gorgeous challenge schedule was created by creative team member Alina, using the brand new store collab Go Play that you can purchase for only $4 for the first 4 days of the month! We look forward to seeing you in the forums and here on the blog! Have a great May!


About the Author: Rachel Alles is on the Creative Team here at The Digital Press.  She is fortunate to share her life with her loving husband, Doug, and two blessings: Madeline and Maxwell.  The three of them are her main source of inspiration for her pocket and traditional style pages.  When she’s not scrapping, she enjoys anything Disney related, learning more about photography (and attempting to turn the dial off Auto) and dabbling in home decor projects.

Tutorial Tuesday: Blending Your Digital Paints!

Tutorial Tuesday: Blending Your Digital Paints! | The Digital Press

Tutorial Tuesday: Blending Your Digital Paints! | The Digital Press

Hey guys! Stephanie (aka: PuSticks) here today to show you a simple trick for blending digital paints on my scrappy pages! First, lets have a quick chat about real paint. When you use real paint on paper, your colors blend together right? When you layer wet paint over dry paint layers, typically some of the dry paint will show through your wet paint. When we have digital paint, we don’t always get that type of effect without a little tweaking! Take a peek at one of my recent pages:

Hope by PuSticks - Tutorial Tuesday: Blending Your Digital Paints! | The Digital Press

*click here to see page credits*

As you can see, I like my paint! Now, I used a few different techniques on this page to create realistic looking paint but today we’re going to focus on the technique that provides the biggest effect: Blending Sliders.

NOTE: I’m working in Photoshop CS6 but this also works in CC. If you’re using Photoshop Elements or another program, I’m sure there are ways of achieving the same type of look, perhaps if anyone has any tips for those programs, they can leave a comment below with some ideas!

Step 1: Place Your Paint!

The first thing you need to do is put the digital paint on your page. As you can see below, I’m using the same page as above but we’re going to focus on the green paint area in the lower right corner:

Step 1: Place Your Paint - Tutorial Tuesday: Blending Your Digital Paints! | The Digital Press


To pull up the “Layer Style” window, you can double click on the layer you want to edit or on the menu bar, select “Layer -> Layer Styles -> Blending Options”. At the bottom of this pop up window, you’ll see two sliders, these are what we will be playing with!

Step 2: Blending Digital Paint!

Okay, now that we have our Layer Style pop up open, we need to play with those sliders! We’re working only with the bottom most slider in this example. If you drag them back and forth, you will see your paint slowly disappear! Well that’s not what we want at all! We need to split the slider triangles. To do this, we need to hold down the “alt/option” key and then click on the little line in the middle of the triangles. Now we can slide the halves independently! Move the dark slider on the left towards the middle to show more of the dark colors from the layer below, move the right light triangle towards the center to show more of the underlying light colors. Play around with these until you like how your paint looks!

Step 2: Blending Digital Paint - Tutorial Tuesday: Blending Your Digital Paints! | The Digital Press

Sometimes I also play with the top slider too if I don’t like how using only the bottom one makes my paint look. If you’re feeling adventurous, play around with this slider too to see what type of painty looks you can come up with! If you’re curious, here’s a closer look at what my Layer Style pop up window looks like from the above photo:

Layer Style Pop Up Close Up - Tutorial Tuesday: Blending Your Digital Paints! | The Digital Press

Bonus Idea!

You know what else this technique is fun to use on? Pattern papers! Blend some grungy papers together, or use a layer mask to block out areas of the paper and then blend them together, or clip papers to shapes and then blend the shapes into the background paper… the potential uses of this little trick are amazing! So go grab some digital paint, papers and all that fun stuff, make a neat page, then upload your new masterpiece in the gallery! I look forward to seeing your painty goodness popping up around here soon!



About the Author: Hey guys! I’m Stephanie and I’m a scrapbook addict… and a Disney nut… and a Netflix junkie! I seem to do everything “all-in” when it comes to things that I’m passionate about. I don’t have a “style” per say, some days I’m feeling clean and simple, other days I’m art journaling with abandon! Outside of my creative outlets, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially when it’s at Disney World with my two sons! Also, I thoroughly enjoy stepping on small Lego pieces at 1am…wait…

Flourish: In Your Art & In Your Life


I’m so excited this month to be able to share our new monthly theme with you: Flourish.

As I thought about this word and what it means to me… my designer side thought of all the fun extras: swirls and curls and accents! Even the simplest layout looks better with a few flourishes added to it. On a more personal note, I thought of the past year and how I was able to both take risks and allow myself to take a leap and flourish in my professional life.

While I was browsing Pinterest for inspiration, I found several fantastic quotes that really struck me:

Pinterest (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Here’s what caught my attention: a common theme of having to push through fear and pain to get to a place where we can flourish and grow. This rings true in both art and in life. We hope that as you go through this month with us, you will find yourself inspired by the theme and allow yourself to push through the dirt to get to where you want to be — both in life and creatively.

As you know, each month we do our best to bring you articles and challenges that really stretch your creative mind. We do know, though, that some of you have expressed that you’ve had difficulty keeping on top of our monthly challenge schedule and/or knowing what to expect. To help you keep track, we have created this handy graphic with dates! It details exactly when you can expect our challenges, along with the theme for each. For more information about our challenge system please read this post in our forums.

Challenges in April at The Digital Press

This gorgeous challenge schedule was created by creative team member Alina, using the brand new store collab Gingham Style that you can purchase for only $4 for the first 4 days of the month! We look forward to seeing you in the forums and here on the blog! Happy April!


 About the Author: Leah is the designer behind Mommyish and owner of The Digital Press. She lives in the beautiful lower Hudson Valley of NY with her husband, two girls, and in-laws! She has a love for all things geeky and quirky. In addition to being a graphic designer, she is an avid pianist.