Moving Forward with Motivational Quotes

Moving Forward with Motivational Quotes 9-15

This month here at The Digital Press we are focusing on the word Forward.  In the monthly inspirational post HERE I was really struck by the J.R.R. Tolkien quote  “I will not walk backward in life.”

It sounds so determined, so persistent.  And it really struck me.

We don’t have a choice, time keeps moving and takes us along with it.  We can either keep looking back to the things that are behind us, be they pretty or be they ugly, or we can turn around and face the future, boldly marching on.  Now, I will be the first to say that it is sometimes easier said than done.  I have had some pretty awful things happen to me, and it was hard at times to keep moving forward, but it is possible.  I might not always sprint headlong into the future, I might drag my feet and progress at a snails pace, or maybe even stop and take a breather for a minute, but I do make an effort to keep looking ahead, to keep moving forward.

One way I do that is through art journaling.  Now I confess, I stumbled on art journaling by accident through my scrapbooking hobby, and I am so glad I did.  Art journaling has really helped me to keep things in perspective, to find the good when it is elusive, and to create for myself the encouragement I need when no one else is offering it.  It has also allowed me to get to know who I am and what my style  – in life and in art –  really is.

One of the key ways that art journaling helps me to keep moving forward is through the visualization of quotes that really speak to me.  Whenever I run across a quote I really like, I pin it to my “inspire me” board on Pinterest or jot it down in my planner and later when I am feeling crafty, or need to make some inspiration for myself, I go back to those quotes and pick one to visually interpret.  Sometimes that is through paint and messy art supplies, sometimes it is digitally, but it always helps me to solidify the concept that the chosen quote embodies to me.

For example, here is a page I made for the quote I mentioned above

Moving Forward with Motivational Quotes AJ

(credits:   Lets Go Outside Collection by Sugarplum Paperie)

And for those of you who are Pocket Scrappers, did you know that you can do art journaling in pocket style as well?

Just after my youngest was born I was really struggling with PPD and I wanted to art journal so bad, but between my own health issues, our living situation, and having to care for a baby, it was not possible to pull out the paints.  Then one day I ran across a pack of inspiring SNAP pocket cards and decided to make a little Pocket Card Art Journal.  It was so easy to make, and so healing for my heart at the same time.  I still have fun making pocket style art journal pages.  If you have never done it I encourage you to give it a try. Here is a pocket style art journal page I made using one of my favorite quotes from the Winnie the Pooh series.

Moving Forward with Motivational Quotes AJPS

(credits: You are Loved Collection by Mari Koegelenberg, Project Twenty Fifteen (Vol. 5- The Inserts) Templates by Laura Passage)

This month, as we focus on the word forward, I encourage you to find some quotes that really speak to you in some way about moving forward.  Now I know that this could mean different things to different people, and that is OK. It really should be personal. And while you are at it, head on over to the TDP Challenge Forums and check out the challenge I have for you!

Here is to Moving Forward!

Erin 1About the Author: Erin is a work from home mom of three living in Thailand. She loves playing with her kids and anything artsy. She can often be found knee deep in toys with paint on her face. She is slowly learning the meaning of living an authentic life, and enjoying every minute of the adventure.

Tutorial – Get Artsy with the Filter Gallery in Photoshop

 Tutorial- Get Artsy with the Filter Gallery in Photoshop | The Digital Press

It’s Artsy Week in Summer School and I’m here to tempt you to put your art journaling hat on by using the Filter Gallery in Photoshop. Sure, we all know how to do a pencil drawing, but did you know you can do so much more and easily, too using the Filter Gallery? With Photoshop CC 2015, you can now apply multiple effects to one image. It’s 100% non-destructive, artsy heaven! I say this as an artsy non-art-journaler.

I’ve selected two photos to work with for this tutorial. One is a pretty decent photo of my hubby and son, if I don’t say so myself, and the other is a hot mess photo of my son as a toddler. Open a photo or two in Photoshop and play along with me.

First, we need to prepare our photos: I recommend deciding what size photo you’d like to use on your layout, so you won’t need to do any difficult re-sizing of the filters on your canvas. Once that’s done, you need to convert your photo for smart filters.  If you don’t have PS CC 2015, yet, (and you so should), you will only be able to apply one filter to your image. To apply another filter, you will need to rasterize your image and start again.

In Photoshop CC 2015:

In the menu bar, click Filters> Convert for Smart Filters

All this means is that Photoshop is working magic so you can add more than one filter on your photo at a time.

 Tutorial- Get Artsy with the Filter Gallery in Photoshop | The Digital Press


When the scary dialogue box appears, click “ok” (really, it’s okay)

One thing to note is that the color selected in the color palette will effect the filters. I recommend you start with the default colors picked (B&W) and explore the different filters before going a bit wild with colors. (and I do hope you get to that wild place!)

Now it’s time to open the Filter Gallery! Click Filters> Filter Gallery

To see your entire photo, in the bottom left-hand corner, click the drop down arrow. Select Fit in View.

 Tutorial- Get Artsy with the Filter Gallery in Photoshop | The Digital Press


For this photo, I selected the Stamp option. I reduced the smoothness and the lightness until I have the fewest lines, but can still tell what I’m looking at. Start with these settings and adjust the sliders until you’re happy with your image:

  • Light/Dark Balance: 12
  • Smoothness: 6

 Tutorial- Get Artsy with the Filter Gallery in Photoshop | The Digital Press


The next photo I’ll be using is already prepared. It’s an old, damaged, sad photo that was scanned. I neglected to wipe off the dust… um, d’oh! It’s the perfect photo to use with the Artistic Filters.

I started by using the Colored Pencil Filter. It doesn’t have be perfect because we’re going to add another filter on top of this one. What I want here is to really just bring out the eyes and lines of the face. I’m not worried about the background- I’ll take that out later.  If you’re photo isn’t a person, the same still applies- bring out the lines that define the object. When you’re happy with your photo, click okay. 

Start Here:

  • Pencil Width: 16
  • Stroke Pressure: 8
  • Page Brightness: 43

 Tutorial- Get Artsy with the Filter Gallery in Photoshop | The Digital Press


Go back into the Filter Gallery. This time, we’ll use a Sketch Filter, specifically, Charcoal. Again, we’re making sure the important lines are clearly defined…in an artsy way of course.

Start here:

  • Charcoal Thickness: 5
  • Detail: 2
  • Light/Dark Balance: 59

 Tutorial- Get Artsy with the Filter Gallery in Photoshop | The Digital Press


Click on your photo in the layers palette. Now click on Layer Mask icon. Select black as your color, use a round brush and brush out your background. You can select a different brush with a lighter opacity if you want to keep some of your background. If you brush out too much, don’t worry. Swap your color to white and brush over the area of the photo you erased. It’s magic!

 Tutorial- Get Artsy with the Filter Gallery in Photoshop | The Digital Press


When your happy with your image, it’s time to drag onto to your layout. I’m using Real Life in Pockets: Rad Lab: Elements, Papers & Word Art by Mommyish and Just Jaimee. I’ve chosen an embossed kraft paper to show off my artsy photos. If you’d like your work of art to show the background paper, choose a blending mode like Multiply or Color Burn. Then, reduce the opacity so it blends into the paper.

 Tutorial- Get Artsy with the Filter Gallery in Photoshop | The Digital Press


Here’s my finished product:

  Tutorial- Get Artsy with the Filter Gallery in Photoshop | The Digital Press


There you have it: a simple way to get artsy looks on your pages. Now, off to Summer School with you to learn more artsy techniques you can pair with this tutorial.  

Carrie About the Author: Carrie is a mom to an ASD teenager and wife to a Chiarian living in coastal Delaware. Currently, the producer and host of The Digiscrap Geek Podcast, Creative Team Lead for Just Jaimee, creative team member at The Digital Press & Get It Scrapped. Carrie’s other passions include genealogy and family history, beating your husbands and sons at Call of Duty, binge watching TV shows on Netflix, visiting the beach, reading, doting on her cats, making cards with digital products and front porch chats with her neighbors.

Tutorial Tuesday: Blending Your Digital Paints!

Tutorial Tuesday: Blending Your Digital Paints! | The Digital Press

Tutorial Tuesday: Blending Your Digital Paints! | The Digital Press

Hey guys! Stephanie (aka: PuSticks) here today to show you a simple trick for blending digital paints on my scrappy pages! First, lets have a quick chat about real paint. When you use real paint on paper, your colors blend together right? When you layer wet paint over dry paint layers, typically some of the dry paint will show through your wet paint. When we have digital paint, we don’t always get that type of effect without a little tweaking! Take a peek at one of my recent pages:

Hope by PuSticks - Tutorial Tuesday: Blending Your Digital Paints! | The Digital Press

*click here to see page credits*

As you can see, I like my paint! Now, I used a few different techniques on this page to create realistic looking paint but today we’re going to focus on the technique that provides the biggest effect: Blending Sliders.

NOTE: I’m working in Photoshop CS6 but this also works in CC. If you’re using Photoshop Elements or another program, I’m sure there are ways of achieving the same type of look, perhaps if anyone has any tips for those programs, they can leave a comment below with some ideas!

Step 1: Place Your Paint!

The first thing you need to do is put the digital paint on your page. As you can see below, I’m using the same page as above but we’re going to focus on the green paint area in the lower right corner:

Step 1: Place Your Paint - Tutorial Tuesday: Blending Your Digital Paints! | The Digital Press


To pull up the “Layer Style” window, you can double click on the layer you want to edit or on the menu bar, select “Layer -> Layer Styles -> Blending Options”. At the bottom of this pop up window, you’ll see two sliders, these are what we will be playing with!

Step 2: Blending Digital Paint!

Okay, now that we have our Layer Style pop up open, we need to play with those sliders! We’re working only with the bottom most slider in this example. If you drag them back and forth, you will see your paint slowly disappear! Well that’s not what we want at all! We need to split the slider triangles. To do this, we need to hold down the “alt/option” key and then click on the little line in the middle of the triangles. Now we can slide the halves independently! Move the dark slider on the left towards the middle to show more of the dark colors from the layer below, move the right light triangle towards the center to show more of the underlying light colors. Play around with these until you like how your paint looks!

Step 2: Blending Digital Paint - Tutorial Tuesday: Blending Your Digital Paints! | The Digital Press

Sometimes I also play with the top slider too if I don’t like how using only the bottom one makes my paint look. If you’re feeling adventurous, play around with this slider too to see what type of painty looks you can come up with! If you’re curious, here’s a closer look at what my Layer Style pop up window looks like from the above photo:

Layer Style Pop Up Close Up - Tutorial Tuesday: Blending Your Digital Paints! | The Digital Press

Bonus Idea!

You know what else this technique is fun to use on? Pattern papers! Blend some grungy papers together, or use a layer mask to block out areas of the paper and then blend them together, or clip papers to shapes and then blend the shapes into the background paper… the potential uses of this little trick are amazing! So go grab some digital paint, papers and all that fun stuff, make a neat page, then upload your new masterpiece in the gallery! I look forward to seeing your painty goodness popping up around here soon!



About the Author: Hey guys! I’m Stephanie and I’m a scrapbook addict… and a Disney nut… and a Netflix junkie! I seem to do everything “all-in” when it comes to things that I’m passionate about. I don’t have a “style” per say, some days I’m feeling clean and simple, other days I’m art journaling with abandon! Outside of my creative outlets, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially when it’s at Disney World with my two sons! Also, I thoroughly enjoy stepping on small Lego pieces at 1am…wait…