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Hello friends! It’s Farrah here today, and I’m hosting a journaling challenge related to the anticipation of things to come.

Whether you are anticipating a baby, planning a big trip, or even just looking forward to the summer… it’s fun to document the anticipation. The German word vorfreude means “the intense, anticipative joy derived from imaging future pleasures.”

For me, the time I experienced the most profound vorfreude was when I was pregnant with my second child. It was a huge surprise after having gone through infertility and then BAM! What?? I found myself pregnant.  We decided to wait until the baby’s birth to learn the gender… but that didn’t stop me from wondering about it and thinking about it (as well as many, many others aspects of a new baby that create intense anticipative joy!). I have created many scrapbooking layouts about this, but here is one of my favorites…




I have a journaling challenge for you today… related to this idea of excitedly anticipating something. I invite you to come check out the challenge in the forum, and join in! You can earn TDP challenge points, while also completing a layout for your personal album. Win-win! 🙂


FarrahAbout the Author  Farrah Jobling is a member of the creative team here at The Digital Press. She lives in Denver with her amazing family — Mike, Nicholas (9), Claire (6), Hope (2 yr old puppy) & Kringle (5 mo old bunny). She works from home as a photographer and enjoys scrapping her personal photos.


Anticipate a New Day



Anticipate. To me, this word means being ready for what’s to come (whether that is good or bad). Having a plan is the most important thing — especially with your mental outlook on anticipating things to come. Life can throw plenty of curve balls, and being prepared for those really does help tremendously.

I prepare for each new day by using my planner. I jot down my to-do’s, I write down little notes, and I periodically check it throughout the day. This helps me anticipate what’s to come, and be prepared for what I have scheduled or just need to do. I have two young children who demand much of my time, so my lofty goals and daily to-do’s don’t always get accomplished. I am prepared for them, however… and I anticipate everything that could (and does) happen. My attitude is also changing to accommodate sudden change and “lack” of accomplishments.

The following layout dates back to when I first started using a planner last year. I was so excited to start my planner journey and was “anticipating” it helping me get organized and accomplish more. So of course I had to document “when I became a planner girl”…


Here is another layout I created using some snapshots of my planner and my actual workspace. Using a planning system is truly the most effective way for me to anticipate each new day. It’s about having a plan… and knowing what is expected. Plus, it is so much fun and therapeutic to have a planner and an outlet for all of my thoughts, ideas, etc.

I spoke before about changing my attitude about sudden changes and “lack” of accomplishments… and for me, this year has been about learning to be happier, “choosing happy,” and expecting rough days (but being OK with encountering a bump in the road). I’m learning that it’s all about choosing happy… and being happy. Sometimes the best way to keep the good attitude going is a spontaneous dance party with yourself! Here’s a layout I created to remind me to embrace the day — good and bad — and about rocking it. This layout proves that it’s possible!

Lastly, I wanted to share another layout I created about “adulting” — one that captures me taking a “time out” after a long day. I was letting the kids run wild in the backyard, and I was sitting and breathing. Taking these few moments to myself helps me to decompress and get ready (anticipate!) the next part of our schedule.


What I have found this past year is that planning ahead, changing your attitude, and taking just a few moments to breathe are the ways I anticipate life by planning for it. “Anticipate” …as in predict, look forward to, and be ready for what’s next.

I hope these tips help you anticipate and look forward to a new day. Come join me in the challenge forum here at The Digital Press and participate in the challenge I’ve cooked up for you that is related to this post! I can’t wait to see how you embrace each new day…

TDP_blog_sabrinaAbout the Author  Sabrina is an avid documenter of life — herself, her children, her hubby, and her everyday life. There is beauty in the ordinary moments, and they are what she loves to scrap. She is also always on the hunt for a quiet, peaceful moment, and she usually spends it reading.


Hybrid Saturday | Easy Hybrid Hacks For Digital Layouts

Hello and happy Saturday! Arielle here, getting all “hybrid~y” today, as I show some techniques for turning digital layouts into hybrid. Sometimes I think certain layouts are far too awesome to be stuck in an album – they should be featured on my walls or given as gifts. But I like to jazz them up a little before I stick them in a frame!

Today I will show you two hybrid layouts based on this all digital layout, and show you some of my fail-proof tips for adding just the perfect amount of pop!

It’s great if you already have a layout you’d like to use, but if not, you can certainly start from scratch! Alex loved this layout so much, that I decided to “hybrid~ize” it for his room. I used the kit Game On by Inside Pixels by Lisa BellWhat a great soccer kit for boys! (She needs to do one for gals, doesn’t she? wink, wink!)

When you know what you’re using, gather your crafty supplies! I used:

  • Thin cardstock
  • Tissue , vellum, and other assorted papers
  • Adhesives (I used a Xyron machine, ATG gun & dimensionals)
  • Scissors and paper trimmer
  • Other embellishments such as enamel dots or buttons.
  • photos
  • layout base

When I do a hybrid layout, I always start with creating the digital layout. That one’s for the albums. Then I decide what the base of my layout will be. Either printed on 8.5×11″ at home or on photo paper. I did one of each for this layout.

The pros for paper are:

  • You can write, stamp, paint without destroying it
  • You can print it at home
  • Much cheaper

The pros for photo are:

  • Colors are more vivid
  • Is nice and glossy
  • Lasts longer, perhaps?

First up is the paper based layout. I decide before I print, what layers/elements I will leave, and what I will print separately and add on. For this, all the elements, photos and the two paper layers under the photos were removed (the text remained, along with the stitching and the frame and background soccer paper) from the digital layout before printing. Then everything was printed and adhered back on.

This one is an 8×10″ photo base. I printed this exactly the same, except I also left the two papers that are layered under the photos. (That way, I know those paper will match up, and save me a little time.) They are all shadowed, too. You can’t tell too much of a difference between the two layouts in these photos, but I love the look of the one with the photo base, the shadows really pop!

Now onto the fun stuff!


Adding a little bit of height is a great way to jazz up your hybrid layout… it will also create more interesting shadows! You can use a thin dimensional – say 1/8″ or so, and it will still fit in a regular frame. But not much more than two additional layers above the base, otherwise it will get a squashed look. (Of course, if you’re putting it in a shadow box – go crazy with the layers!)


You can easily add some pop by printing on vellum! It’s so fun to get a little peek of what’s underneath the vellum, it’s a classy little hack! (After I printed the vellum stars, arrow and soccer ball, I put a few of them in my palm, one at a time with the image up, and pressed into the middle of it a little, so it wouldn’t sit so flat on my layout.)


Last month on the blog, I showed off a technique for making your own washi. (In this post) I made a couple small pieces and you can see one below. Yes, it may sound like a lot of trouble, but they do match the kit – LOL! I loved this soccer ball pattern! But you could always use any washi you have!


I love adding buttons or enamel dots to hybrid layouts. Or paint, glitter and stiching. It’s fun to shake up the whole paper thing with some actual hardware ~ to me it creates a Trompe-l’œil effect. It’s interesting to see people trying to figure out what is real and what’s printed. (Text or overlays on photos is another great detail, too.)

Now it’s your turn! Want to try your hand at a hybrid layout? It can be as easy and as simple as you want it to be! Please come join us in The Digital Press’s forum for a fun challenge related to this tutorial! You can create an amazing item for yourself or someone you love AND earn points doing it! Points can later be cashed-in for discount coupons to the shop at the end of the month if you participate in the challenge system at The Digital Press!


Arielle H GordonAbout the author  Arielle H Gordon is a wife and mom of two crazy kiddos, ages 6 & 7. She moved around (a lot!) before returning to settle down in her hometown of Enterprise, Alabama, to marry her sweetheart and start her family. She is an avid crafter — digital, hybrid and otherwise! She LOVES Jesus, family time, camping, gardening, reading cozy mysteries, hot tea, popcorn, and anything on the BBC! This time of year, you’ll find her gardening, gearing up for summer and reading like it’s going out of style (while sipping sweet tea!)…

Anticipate a Trip

Anticipate a Trip

Hi everyone! Miranda here bringing you a new challenge!

Don’t we all have that wish list of places we want to go for a day or maybe even longer? Maybe you will go there one day and maybe it will remain a wish.

On my list I have Rome, Istanbul and Marrakech.  They may not be far from where I live in The Netherlands, but they are far enough for me to have them on my list of “maybe one day” trips.

On top of my list, however, is Venice. My friends ask why Venice when I have been there so many times – very true, but each time I visited I was only there for just a few hours. When we spend our summer holidays at an Italian lake, we always make a day trip to Venice. My wish is to spend a few days there, to really experience the city.  I want to be there in the evenings – how romantic it must be to wake up in a hotel room and look out the window and see the gondolas passing by or even hear the gondoliers sing.

As of the publishing of this post, I will be having my last few hours in Venice and will then be flying home in the morning – my wish came true!

Below is a page I have created about Venice using Our Trip Kit and A Great Adventure Templates by Anita Designs.

Anticipate a Trip

Join me in the forum for a challenge all about scrapping your future or hopeful trips.  I cannot wait to see what you come up with!!

MirandaAbout the Author  Miranda is a mom of two teenage boys, aged 13 and 15 years old, and is also a fur-mummy for her 3 Bernese Mountain Dogs. She lives in the South of the Netherlands, close to the beach where she loves to walk with her dogs. In real life, she is HSE-responsible for few companies in the construction industry. She loves gardening, to walk her dogs, to read Danielle Steel novels… and has been digiscrap-addicted since 2007.

Accomplishment: Every Accomplishment Begins with the Decision to Try

My middle daughter just started gymnastics. This is a pretty big deal for several reasons. Our older daughter has no interest in team sports. While she is quite active at school in basketball, gymnastics, soccer, etc., she has no interest in partaking in something where other people watch her. I do have to give her some credit because she did do a trial class and was interested enough for us to sign her up. But when it came down to it, she decided she didn’t want to do it after all. So it was kind of a big deal for my middle daughter to join gymnastics without the support of her big sister. And you know what?? She loves it!

We are hopeful something will come along that will spark an interest for our oldest, but for now we are celebrating the bravery and courage of our middle and trying to teach the importance of just trying.

Materials Used: You Can Do Anything Kit – River Rose and Inside Pixels Collab and Duo 06 | Love Me Like You Do Template – La Belle Vie

Now, I invite you to come over to the forum to join us in this week’s challenge! You can earn points toward monthly discounts in the shop if you participate (and you’ll get a page done for your album… win-win!).




About the Author  Krista Lund is a mom of 3, married to her high school sweetheart and living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of her favorite things are brownies, chips ‘n’ dip, taking pictures, and documenting her family’s story.

Accomplish More | Bullet Journaling & Pretty Pages

Accomplish More - Bullet Journaling & Pretty Pages


We all need more time in life to do the things we really want to do, and not all of us are stellar at organizing our time.

Enter the recent “planner craze” that is sweeping the planet. I’m sure you’ve all seen zillions of pretty planners all over the internet.

I love the idea of all of the pretty planners that are out there along with subscriptions, clubs, and Facebook groups. In fact, The Digital Press has a wonderful array of planning supplies in the store here. Among them, you’ll find such gems as Miss Tiina’s great annual line of planner supplies… Mari Koegelenberg’s gorgeous planner-specific goodies… Hat of Bunny’s planner printables… Laura Passage’s scrapping planner products… and more!

I’ve bought planners, downloaded some others, and played around with a lot of different planning ideas. Unfortunately, so far none of them have worked well for me. And then… I stumbled across the idea of a bullet journal. To me, a dated planner just doesn’t fit my needs because I don’t have that many things going on in a given month that I need to track. For me, it is all about lists and keeping ideas & projects from falling through the cracks.

The basic idea of the bullet journal is to keep a small notebook in which you can maintain a regular stream of tasks and lists. You can find out more about bullet journaling at the bullet journal site, and there are literally thousands of links on Pinterest. But it is a generally simple method of using an index — “collections” — that are sort of over-arching categories… and then “rapid-logging” your ideas/thoughts — which is where the bullets come into play. Under categories you create your logs, lists, charts, graphs or other items. Then, as a final step, you simply migrate those tasks into action by moving them to a calendar. To me, it is a far simpler method of tracking and planning. You don’t spend so much time on the planner itself — and instead, spend more on completing the tasks themselves. I don’t end up migrating because I keep things pretty simple, and that is how it works for me.

There are a lot of people who are hard-core serious about their bullet journals (or bujo) and some dedicate hours upon hours to their journals, hand-drawing lots of fancy dividers, headers, sketches and everything else you can imagine. People use fountain pens or other fancy writing instruments, do calligraphy or other elaborate writing, etc. I love that idea, but have no time or patience to do something like that.

In terms of the more elaborate style of bullet journaling… here is a sample page spread from Kara at Boho Berry (someone I follow who is also a fellow bullet journaler)…

Accomplish More - Bullet Journaling & Pretty Pages
I love this. But at the same time, for myself, I feel that if I spent that much time “planning,” I wouldn’t have time for the actual “doing.”

But I do find that I want pretty pages like these (which our very own TDP team member Amanda created in a previous blog post).

Recently, it dawned on me that I can just use regular ol’ digital scrap supplies and create my own “pretty” bullet lists with those. Pretty and practical all at once. I am not as detailed or prettified as I could be, but it is a quick and easy page that gets me doing instead of planning. And if I want to get wild and crazy, I can shift it slightly, print it out and paste it into my physical bullet journal. If not, I can keep it on my desktop, send it to Evernote, or put it onto my phone.


See… easy peasy. A simple way to get my to-do list done — and add some color and fun while I’m at it. I used the pie chart as my version of the “Level 10 Life” (but because I’m not currently working or dealing with much in the way of finances, I left those out and added some of my own). I can track and see what needs adjusting and where I should put more emphasis week to week. I can accomplish more, but still give a little bit of style and prettiness. Win-win!

How do you plan out your week? Do you worry about making it “pretty” or just stick to functional? I invite you to come join us in TDP’s forum for this week’s challenge related to this post!



About the Author  Kimberlee is a lover not a fighter; a stay-at-home gran, a poet, and a lifelong learner. She grooves on saturated colors, Tuesday dance parties, optimism, glitter and sunshine. She colors outside the lines.  She is a dreamer. She is a collector of moments.  She is all about the story.  Kimberlee completed her MFA in Creative Writing and recently finished her M.Ed. in Instructional Design but still can’t figure out what she wants to be when she ‘grows up.’